30-Day Sugar Challenge

I can’t tell you how hypocritical it feels to be chomping away at a Milka Oreo Chocolate Bar while I write this. But let’s be honest, we’re all about getting better than we are now, right?? So I’m off to a great start already. 😉 And that’s exactly why a 30-day sugar challenge makes a lot of sense for me to do now.

30-Day Sugar Challenge | Health | Hayley Bell Fit

Sugar has never been a huge deal for me. Am I addicted to it? Absolutely. But I’ve found over the years that I am pretty sensitive to how it makes me feel- sluggish, oily, and bloated. But hey, those are worthy side-effects for some delicious treats, right? Well, right. To an extent.

Tell me, how do you feel when you eat a lot of sugar? This isn’t one of those touchy-feely questions that we often joke the children of today are asked as a follow-up question to a math problem. But really, how does your body feel when you eat a lot of sugar? Unmotivated? Tired? Fat? All side-effects.

Anyways, as I have started paying attention to the way my body reacts to food over the years, I’ve recognized the importance of limiting my added sugar intake. Look at the ingredients list on the food in your pantry and fridge- go ahead, look! You’ll be amazed at the number of items you find sugar in. It’s literally everywhere! As mentioned above, I don’t mind myself some sugar now and then- in fact, I love it. But something has to be said for the fact that sugar is in everything nowadays.  More and more with processed food, sugar is being added into the products that we eat: granola, spaghetti sauce, low-fat yogurt, BBQ sauce, protein bars, prepared meals, etc. It’s everywhere.

This is all an introduction to why I’m deciding to challenge myself: No sugar. Thirty days.

I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater, and I workout daily. My sugar intake is minimal, but of course that depends on what’s going on- is it that time of month? am I attending an event? am I spending time with friends and family? or am I just letting myself lose for a couple days?

But for the next 30 days, I will have no excuse- no sugar, period. I’ll pretend I’m deathly allergic to it, I guess 😉

Now let me be specific- I am not talking about naturally occurring sugars that you find in fruits and even vegetables. I intend to relish those natural sugars even more than normal over the next month. What I am referring to is added sugars and their chemical counterparts. I’m talking the sugars found in processed foods, the stevia I put in my drink, the high fructose corn syrup, and yes, even the added sugars I may find in protein or sports drinks. Added sugars is the name of the game.

But here’s the thing- honestly, I’m a little nervous about this whole thing. I mean, what if I FAIL? Well, heaven forbid, I take some of my own advice as a health and fitness blogger, right?? I was originally going to do this on my own with my husband, but what the heck- I want some people to trek this lonely road with! If you and I can do it together and support each other while we’re at it, why not?? Today’s as good a day as any! So here’s my invitation: Start this Sugar Challenge with me! You and me and whoever else you want to do it with! Invite your roommate, your significant other, your grandma, your next-door neighbor. Let’s just all go on a sugar strike and see how we feel and get a sense of accomplishment. And then we can all go romp around a sunny beach somewhere to rock our sexy bodies because you know what? No matter what we look like, we’ve listened to our bodies and treated them right. So let’s buckle down and do this!

30-Day Sugar Challenge | Health | Hayley Bell Fit


30-Day Sugar Challenge


The Challenge: No Sugar for 30 days.

The Details: No added sugar, including sugar substitutes and sweeteners. Naturally-occurring sugars are fine (i.e. the stuff that’s already in fruits, veggies, etc). Honey and pure maple syrup is OK.

The Why: I chose to cut sugar for 30 days so I can detox my body better and focus on eating whole, natural foods. I am also curious to see how my body will respond to cutting sugar. And lastly, I want to see my abs by June! <3

The How: (1) I will take the challenge one day at a time. (2) I will keep track and hold myself responsible. (3) I will remember my ‘why’. (4) I will continue to be physically fit. (5) I will be sure to do some meal prep, and plan healthy meals and snacks ahead of time so as to not be caught hangry and unawares.


If you decide to take anything away from this challenge, I hope you take away that this is focused on finding ways to show our bodies more love. It’s focused on improving our quality of life. It’s focused on learning how to listen to how our body feels and responds to what we chose to feed it.

Should you fall short, please remember that it is OK! The past is in the past and you can’t do anything about it now. Move forward with a new resolve to try again and seek to do just a little better.

Let’s keep in touch during this process, OK?? I will be posting about the Sugar Challenge daily on my Facebook page and Instagram feed. I will be doing research to share tips, recipes, articles, videos, snack suggestions, and on my Instagram stories, I will be sharing videos every night of how my day went so you can keep me accountable. I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Post on my FB wall, or send me a message on Instagram- What is your WHY and HOW? Are you with me?? I’ll be starting Monday, April 10- let’s do this!!

<3 Hayley Bell

PS- AND to help you get kick-started if you decide to have a fitness goal, I created this 1-Week Workout Plan! And every single workout can be done in 15 minutes or less ;D

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