8 Habits of a Healthy Woman

Here’s something mindblowing for you- a healthy body is totally possible! But here’s something you might not realize- a healthy body, healthy life, or healthy mindset can only come about through lifestyle changes.

Having a healthy body isn’t as simple or consistent as the diet you happen to be on, or the day’s workout, or how much sleep you had the night before.

Living healthy is a complete and total lifestyle take-over.

And while that may sound daunting, it’s actually not (I promise!). It all hinges on consistency.

Yeah, it’s great to be on a healthy diet. It’s even better to eat well all the time.

It is wonderful that you had a solid workout today! It’s even better to be constantly moving.


While those little victories should be celebrated, they should not be the end goal- your end goal is more life-changing than that.

8 Habits of a Healthy Woman | Health | Motivation | Hayley Bell

But our healthy attitudes and habits hardly differ very much. While you may have different dietary habits than me, it’s important for BOTH of us to fuel our bodies with good things.

So, I have compiled this list of 8 Habits of a Healthy Woman that can apply to any woman, no matter where she is. Following these simple guidelines in the best way you can will help improve your overall health, and doing so consistently will bring about an entire lifestyle of change.


Makes Time For Herself

A healthy woman takes time for herself and isn’t afraid to do so. It isn’t selfish- it is important and necessary so that she can be prepared to give her all to the life she lives. She knows that if her basic needs aren’t being met, she won’t have the energy and strength to help and support those around her. So she takes some time to herself. Whether it’s having a morning ritual or ending the day with her favorite book or Netflix show, she takes some time to breathe and center herself.

Habits of a Healthy Woman | Motivation | Health | Hayley Bell

Makes Time For Others

Socializing is a big part of our existence, and positively impacts our mind and spirit. A healthy woman finds opportunities to serve or spend time with other people. She grows in healthy relationships and isn’t afraid to build new friendships. A healthy woman serves her family members and friends and remembers to think outwardly to those around her. She knows she can make a difference in the world, and she strives to find ways to accomplish that, whether big or small.

Moves Her Body

A healthy woman finds ways to move her body! She knows that getting her blood pumping and body moving is important to reducing stress and maintaining her health. There are a variety of things to choose from, and she is sure to choose things that she loves so it is easier for her to make time for it in her schedule. She notices that her body feels more fulfilled and energized when she takes care of it the best way she can.

Habits of a Healthy Woman | Health | Motivation | Hayley Bell

Gets Adequate Sleep

That being said, the healthy woman also gets adequate sleep. She has the discipline needed to turn off Netflix or come in at a decent time so she can give her body the shut-eye it needs to heal and replenish for the next day ahead. While sometimes in her life it is harder to get enough sleep, she does her best and knows it is one of the easiest ways to care for her body.

Drinks Plenty of Water

A healthy woman finds any excuse she can to drink more water. She avoids ‘drinking her calories,’ and isn’t fooled by ‘healthy’ sports or replenishment drinks that are actually hiding a lot of sugar in them. Instead, she hydrates her body with water.

Habits of a Healthy Woman | Drink More Water | Health | Hayley Bell

Eats Well

In addition to drinking plenty of water, a healthy woman is keenly aware of the food she chooses to put in her body. She focuses on natural foods that give her body the proper fuel it needs to carry her through the day and through her life. While she may occasionally have a cheat meal or a fun dessert, the majority of her food intake is based on plenty of vegetables and other natural foods, and she avoids sugary or processed foods. She makes sure that she is eating to properly fuel her food, not eating emotionally, and not skipping meals to try and lose weight.

Listens to Her Body

A healthy woman knows that if she listens, her body will tell her what it does and doesn’t need. She takes time to pay attention to her body- how it reacts to food, how it responds to exercise, and when it needs to slow down for a bit. She picks up on cues like headaches, stomach pain, and fatigue, and adjusts her habits as necessary to ensure her body is getting what it needs to thrive.

Is At Peace With Herself

A healthy woman has a certain peace with herself. She accepts herself physically, mentally, and emotionally. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t have goals to become better- she does! But it is to say that she is at peace with the fact that she is progressing, and while she is firm with herself, she also understands that having patience for herself is part of the journey. This gives her a sense of confidence in herself and her abilities, as well as an excitement for her future.

Habits of a Healthy Woman | Health | Motivation | Hayley Bell


So let’s take a moment and reflect on where this leaves us.

First, think: Where am I doing well?

What habits do you already have that you maintain well, and are doing? If you think you aren’t doing anything right yet, take another look at the list. Find the positives in what you are doing and how you are already living.

Second, think: Where could I improve?

What are one or two specific habits that you can do better on, or implement into your life? Even if you have three or more things you’d like to work on, I don’t care! Just pick one or two- start there. Write them down and create some goals. Once you’ve worked on those things, come back to this list and take on one more thing. Keep up this habit until you slowly progress to where you want to be. Then, maintain it, and find ways to improve from there!


Remember that by small and simple things, great things can come about! Work on things just a little at a time- be a little better than you were yesterday.

You got this!

Hayley Bell

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